Fiji Police take girls in for glue-sniffing

Fiji Police will be providing security at the Coca Cola Games which starts at the ANZ Stadium tomorrow. Picture: FILE

THREE juvenile girls were taken to the Seaqaqa Police Station over the weekend for allegedly sniffing glue.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the incident happened at a house in the village of Naduri in Macuata.

Ms Naisoro said the matter was reported by a villager at the Seaqaqa Police Station.

“The case is a serious one considering that the eldest of the three girls is 16 years old and they are all juveniles,” she said.

“They were brought in on Sunday and were counselled at the station before they were sent back to their homes.

“A villager who witnessed the incident had reported the matter to the station.

“Police investigations into the case is continuing.”

Police are calling on parents to be wary of their children’s security and to discuss issues with them.

Ms Naisoro said children who were left idle at all times were influenced by peer pressure, finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

“Parents need to talk to their children at all times to understand their feelings and any dilemmas that they may find themselves in,” she said.

“Students participating in illegal acts such as glue-sniffing and other inhalant cases are becoming common in schools and parents need to play their roles in teaching their children values and self-respect.”

In 2016, the National Substance Abuse Advisory Council recorded a total of 33 inhalant cases from both primary and secondary schools in the country, while it recorded 20 cases in 2015 and a total of 37 cases in 2014.

Last year, NSAAC director Manoa Senikarawa said girls as young as eight years old were participating in glue-sniffing. Mr Senikarawa said children learned from what they saw happening around them and this placed even more emphasis on the important role parents played in ensuring the safety and welfare of their children.

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