Fiji Police round up minors roaming the city

Picture: FILE.

THE Fiji Police Force is requesting parents and guardians to talk to their children and encourage them to seek help from police officers when they need assistance.

The night operations in the past few weeks have seen Fiji Police’s Juvenile Bureau work in partnership with Ministry of Social Welfare officials, and children as young as 11 years old were escorted to the station and their respective parents and guardians were contacted.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said two cases involved children who were seen moving alone at night, and when confronted, they revealed that they did not have any bus fare to return home.

She said an 11-year-old child had travelled from the Western Division to meet his parents and upon reaching Suva, had run out of money to continue with his trip, and was found moving around town alone.

“With the increased number of sporting and social activities taking place where our children will be involved, we are pleading with parents and guardians to encourage their children to find a police officer and ask for help if they have trouble getting home,” Ms Naisoro said.

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