Fiji plans a national iTaukei festival

Some students in Dr Tarisi Vunidilo's Fijian class. Picture: RNZ

FIJI will have a National iTaukei Festival in the next three years’ time.

This was confirmed by the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, Saimoni Waibuta, when asked if Fiji would be introducing initiatives similar to the Fijian Language Week in New Zealand.

This week, New Zealand celebrated its sixth Fijian Language Week – Macawa ni Vosa Vakaviti – with the theme ‘Noqu Vosa Me’u Bula Taka’ which means ‘My language, Learn it, Speak it, Live it’.

Mr Waibuta said the ministry ‘s Institute of iTaukei language and culture was invited to New Zealand through the High Commission for the Fiji Day celebrations.

He said that initiative in NZ was an effort to educate the children on the iTaukei language, traditions and customs.

Mr Waibuta highlighted that the iTaukei language committee was now working on setting up a language commission that would look at the iTaukei language as a whole.

He said the Ministry of Economy had been allocated a budget this year to start preparations for the National iTaukei Festival.

“It will take us one to two years to prepare and then in the third year, we will come together for the national celebration,” Mr Waibuta told Fiji Times Online.

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