Fiji Paralympic Committee set target for medals in Paralympic Games

THE Fiji Paralympic Committee (FPC) is optimistic to win medals in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

And with a newly appointed board, the Fiji Paralympic Committee is determined to work with paralympians to achieve their target in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Fiji’s last win at the Paralympics was the historic win by the Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports, liesa Delana.

FPC president Shaenaz Voss in a statement said the task of the new board was to rally support and rejuvenate the national pride for the 2020 Tokyo games and boost Fiji’s representation in future tournaments.

“In 2012 the nation rejoiced when the Hon. Minister won gold in London. Those scenes of joy and pride were matched only by the gold medal win by the Fiji 7s Team in 2016. Our mission is to get more medals from Tokyo and reinstall the same sense of patriotism that engulfed the country in 2012,” she said.

“The Board is committed to giving our Paralympians all the support they need to achieve this goal. And we would like all Fijians to join us in this journey.”

The FPC board is led by Shaenaz Voss as president.

She will be assisted by Fred Fatiaki, as vice president. The additional board members are Sakiusa Bolaira, Mereoni Daveta, Evelyn Farouk, Roneel Saxenna, Milika Roro, Leslie Tikotikoca (Athlete Rep) and Joshko Wakaniyasi (executive director – operations).

“At present we have two athletes who have already met the qualifying standards in their events for the Tokyo Paralympics. We will proudly unveil who they are later in the year,” Ms Voss said.

The FPC is working closely with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Ministry, Fiji Sports Commission, Fiji Sports Council and other national sporting bodies, key technical officials in the likes of Albert Miller that are assisting our athletes for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

“We believe our paralympians will excel under the right guidance, technical assistance and support. Our sons and daughters deserve nothing less.”

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