Fiji needs youths in politics, says Bainivalu

Fiji Labour Party provisiona candidate Taina Bainivalu. Picture: Supplied

FIJI needs youths in politics, says Fiji Labour Party provisional candidate Taina Bainivalu.

Ms Bainivalu said the big question was why youth participation in politics was low.

“As young people, they would be able to analyse issues from different and perhaps a more refreshing standpoint,” Ms Bainivalu said.

“Youths with their young and vibrant mind, constitute the most creative forces or social change and all we need do is empower them to drive social projects in the development of our country through their innovation and creative ideas.”

She said there were many advantages associated with youths joining the political arena in the country .

“Youths are optimistic, they are sceptical, curious and they are creative.

“This is the time for them to speak out and fight for genuine democracy in the country,” she said.

“The main hindrance that seems to keep the youths back from participating in politics in the past was the idea that politics only belonged to matured people and the fact that experience was the main tool in the political field.”

She said parents should encourage their children to take part in politics in a free way, but with proper guidance.

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