Fiji needs international help to protect forest cover

Fiji's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr Satyendra Prasad. Picture: FT FILE

FIJI needs the helping hand of the international community to assist with initiatives in protecting its forest cover, says Fiji permanent representative to the UN Satyendra Prasad.

Speaking at the international conference on climate change finance for high forest cover, low deforestation in Suriname, he said Fiji was proud to share some of the most pristine tropical forests with the rest of the world.

Mr Prasad said Government had come up with initiatives to help save its lush vegetation across the country.

“The Environment and Climate Adaptation Levy (ECAL) is another government initiative that helps fund critical work across Fiji to protect our natural environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and adapt our economy, our communities and our infrastructure to the worsening impacts of climate change,” he said.

However, Mr Prasad said Fiji needed the helping hand from the international community.

“Climate finance instruments need to be far more supportive of such efforts to protect and expand the world’s carbon sinks,” he said.

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