Fiji Navy rescues drifting trio

The drifting punt with the three people on board when they were rescued by the Fiji Navy early this morning. Picture: FIJI NAVY

THREE seafarers were rescued from Beqa waters early this morning by the Fiji Navy’s RFNS Kikau.

The Fiji Navy said it received the message from the Fiji Police command centre that had received the distress call from the punt.

The RFNS Kikau was tasked at around 11:45pm last night and managed to find the distressed sailors at around 1am this morning.

According to the Fiji Navy, the three men were on their way to Kadavu from Suva when they ran out of fuel, and drifted towards the reefs at Beqa.

Mariners are advised to take heed of weather warnings and to plan their trip well with sufficient fuel when traveling to sea.

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