Fiji Museum, Asia Pacific Cultural Centre ink MOU

Fiji Museum Director Sipiriano Nemani. Picture: JESSICA SAVIKE

THERE is a lack of appreciation and acknowledgment by Fiji’s young people of its cultural heritage because of globalisation and the many advancements happening in the society.

This was stressed by Fiji Museum Director Sipiriano Nemani during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, between Fiji Museum and
the Asia Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO for the protection of Fiji’s cultural heritage.

Mr Nemani said the MOU is a miles stone event for the Fiji Museum as it will encourage programs that will help the youths to understand
the culture and heritage.

He said one of the programs include the establishment of a robust museum education curriculum for students to better understand their

Deputy Secretary for the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, Saimoni Waibuta said the Fiji Museum has undergone numerous reforms both in the operational and capital segments.

He said the Fiji Museum’s annual funding from government tripled in one year as the budget now includes the implementation of technical programs such as the massive digitization of the archival audio, video and documentary heritage, the re-organizing of the object collections systems including the installation of a more comprehensive catalogue system, a robust education program for the children and a proactive archaeological assessment program.

Japan Ambassador Masahiro Omura said Fiji is famous for the rich natural environment and has observed various culture and cultural heritages.

He said the Government of Fiji has a strong interest in preservation of its own culture and has made strong efforts to preserve various cultural heritages, both tangible and intangible.

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