Fiji MP slams university

Update: 8:59PM SHADOW Minister for Education Mikaele Leawere has today slammed the University of the South Pacific (USP) for its inhumane approach towards its students and called for all students to be permitted to sit for their exams.

In a statement by the Opposition, Mr Leawere said he would be making expeditious interventions with the USP Council for an urgent reversal of its overnight deregistration policy.

“I will be personally lobbying with Council members who will be meeting in Suva soon and most particularly, I hope the MSG member countries of the council are paying careful attention,” he said.

“This issue cannot be simply swept under the carpet. The university is accountable to all member countries and it is the height of hypocrisy that students are being made to take mandatory units on ethics when this institution of higher education is itself is seemingly bereft of any.”

He has reiterated his call for the Vice Chancellor to step down immediately and for FICAC to investigate various allegations leveled at the institution.

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