Fiji Media Watch trials new monitoring system

Update: 5:33PM THE Fiji Media Watch Group will be carrying out its media monitoring program with a new trialed system of focus for social justice issues that are reported by media organisations in the country.

This is because of the newfound topics or issues of concern that the Fiji Media Watch Group feels is affecting the country and is often not highlighted by media organisations.

Project officer Media Watch Group Mereoni Raivalita said there are presently not enough reporting done by local media on poverty.

“We don’t actually have poverty as one of the issues but we realise that poverty is there,” Ms Raivalita said.

“Actually, we would find one or two per week – poverty issues – highlighted in the media. So that is why we have changed it a little bit, changed the monitoring criteria (the one that we are trialing) to actually include poverty.”

Ms Raivalita said they felt that poverty was something Fiji needed to pay attention to and also was what that drew funding for the people of Fiji.

“These first world countries, this is what they look out for- they actually support people who are actually living in poverty.”

She also said they hoped to add Sustainable Development Goals to the new criteria they had.

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