Fiji Law Society voice concerns on proposed Sex Offenders Bill

Update: 6:42PM THE Fiji Law Society voiced its concerns during its submissions to the Standing Committee on Justice, Law, and Human Rights today.

The submissions were part of the Registration of Sex Offenders Bill headed by society president Laurel Vaurasi.

Ms Vaurasi said the Bill was more about monitoring rather than addressing the issue of sexual offences.

“The aim of the Bill is clear and that is to reduce sexual offences. When we look at the Bill as a whole, we can see that there is a need to consider that we have not just the law but you’re looking at the purpose to be fulfilled,” she submitted.

Other submissions presented included why the age of 12 year olds and under was chosen not to be considered a sex offender, what information would be recorded and collected for the registrar with requirements of photographs needed to be included.

The Registration of Sex Offenders Bill provides for the establishment of a register of sex offenders and the registration and reporting obligations of sex offenders.

If the Bill is passed, it will see the set-up of the first-ever sex offenders registry in the country.

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