Fiji Land Bank of Trustees workshop opens in Sigatoka

Participants of the Fiji Land Bank trustees workshop held at the Warwick Resort in Sigatoka today. Picture: VILIMAINA NAQELEVUKI

“GOOD relationship between a landowner and an occupier based on trust and accountability and commitment is key, without a doubt we should give due thought and consideration to address issues whole heartedly.

“If our joint collaboration regarding the management of your land resources are considered to be truly sustainable.”

These were the words of the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Lands Josefa Caniogo while opening the workshop on the Fiji Land Bank of Trustees held today at the Warwick Resort in Sigatoka.

He said the priority now was to ensure that land use administration enhanced through land bank investment and the development of iTaukei land.

“Taken its strict sense, the Land use Division’s role is limited to the administration of customary land for the benefit of the Fijian landowner , a view that is legislated and now forms the backbone of the divisions operations,” he said.

Mr Caniogo said there it was important for the Ministry to take an enhanced role and approach to provide advise to landowners with regards to the management of their resources.

The three day workshop is attended by over 50 participants and will end on Friday.

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