Fiji Golf Club’s opening event

The scene is set for the Fiji Golf Club 2018 season opening event on Saturday.

According to the greens chairman Mohammed Rafiq the course is in excellent condition.

“It never has been so good. The fairways and the greens have all been regularly cut and rolled after some heavy maintenance work carried out in January. Members will find them in top condition”. The greens may be a bit fast he said.

According to the club captain Vidhya Lakhan, the 2018 season opening is branded as My Club Day. It is a fun day with a focus on raising funds for the Club. There will be auctions and other fundraising activities in the evening. Members are urged to roll in in large numbers and help the club in this fundraising event.

Lakhan said all the 18 holes had been sold to corporate sponsors. He thanked them all for their support.

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