Fiji Gold Nasinu five for world cup

Members of the Fiji Gold Nasinu Netball Association, Apisake Kahatoka, Alisi Galo, Paradise Beverages General manager Sales and Corporate Affairs Joe Rodan Senior, Mereseini Delai Rabolabiu and Lydia Panapasa. Picture: SUPPLIED

STAY calm, stay focused and just give it their all in each and every game, from the first whistle to the final whistle.

This is the advice Mereseini Delai Rabolabiu, the President of the Fiji Gold Nasinu Netball Association would leave with the five from their association who have been selected to represent Fiji to the Netball World Cup in Liverpool this year.

Mrs Rabolabiu who has held the position for four years said the five Fiji Gold Nasinu players have demonstrated having possession of these attributes and this would have contributed a lot towards their selection.

“National selectors usually have a set of player attributes that they look at when they make their selection,” Mrs Rabolabiu said.

“Apart from the high level of fitness, the quality of skill and competition experience, there are other intrinsic qualities such as adaptability, versatility and durability under pressure would be some vital ones,” she said.

When asked how the five players clicked from the other netball players, Mrs Rabolabiu said it is always an advantage when you’re having a team of players who are familiar with each other’s style of play and can build on each other’s strengths.

“I guess having that added advantage would help the execution of set game plays.

“The coaches will find it a bit easier to run plays and the players that are familiar with each other will always have that insight and anticipation which can lead to quick goals during attack and quick gains in defence when they are on the court,” she said.

She said the Fiji Gold Nasinu Netball is proud to have representation in this current squad and they fully support the team and trust the management team in ensuring that the girls talents are enhanced and their welfare and interest also remains a priority.

“The hard yards put in by the players coupled by the effort and commitment put in by their parents and their various Associations has not been in vain.

“I would like to thank the team and their management for their time and effort and on behalf of the Fiji Gold Nasinu Netball Association, I extend well-wishes to the Fiji Pearls in their 2019 World Cup campaign in Liverpool,” she said.

She is advising the girls to be the best version of themselves out there and support each other and help each other over that line.

The five Fiji Gold Nasinu Netball Association players in the Fiji Pearls squad are Episake Kahatoka -GK/GD, Alisi Galo- C/WD, Matila Waqanidrola- GD/GK, Unaisi Rauluni- GA/GS and Lydia Panapasa – GS.

Meanwhile the association today received $10,000 sponsorship from Paradise Beverages for another year.

“We are grateful for their faith in us and we will continue to strive for excellence and with their backing, I am confident that will achieve this,” Mrs Rabolabiu said.

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