Fiji Futsal team stranded in New Caledonia

Fiji Football Association. Picture: FILE

FIJI’S national Futsal team that is stranded in New Caledonia will return in about two weeks.

The team was scheduled to travel back today but were held back as health authorities suspect some players from other competing teams at the OFC Futsal Championship may have been affected with measles.

Fiji FA vice-president Jitendra Reddy who is with the team has asked employers of the players and officials to be considerate.

“We have players who are police officers, military officer’s teachers and few working in private sector. The officials are business people. We ask that employers be considerate enough in view of our circumstances,” Reddy said.

Fiji Football Association acting CEO Amitesh Pal said the association would look after the players while in New Caledonia.

“It is a precautionary measure and Fiji FA will fulfill its responsibilities it has towards its teams. We are in contact with the team and we want to assure family members of players that they are all safe and taken care of,” Pal said.

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