Fiji football appoints new team manager

Update: 6:59PM SHAMAL Sharma has been appointed the new national team manager for the Vodafone Fiji football team.

This was announced by the Fiji Football Association in a press statement issued today.

“I’m very happy with my appointment as the national team manager as I have always been a very keen supporter of football,” Sharma said in the statement.

“Given my fulltime job at Vodafone looking after the sponsorship of football in Fiji, thus I work very closely with Fiji Football Association and the national team.

“I have been with the national team during the recent international commitments and was part of the team to Indonesia tour as well.”

Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel said Sharma had been doing a good job.

“We’re thankful to Vodafone because he is the football specialist, for dividing time between Fiji FA and taking the duty as the manager for the national team,” Patel said.

“Once again, a good partnership with Vodafone and it helps football to grow together.

“There’s a lot of responsibilities and I think as he grows into it, he will learn more how to tackle the job.”

Meanwhile, Fiji will play Estonia on Sunday at 3pm at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

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