Fiji FA says inaugural symposium a success

The inaugural football symposium organised by Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) last Saturday, April 14, was a great success.

A 100 per cent attendance was recorded at the Fiji FA headquarters in Suva as all district presidents and officials were present at the symposium.

Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel commended the districts for their initiative in availing themselves.

“By coming here today simply shows the love for football you all have.

“Loving the game is one thing but how you want to take it forward, how you want to improve is why this symposium is called,” he said.

Patel said we all had got a vision.

“Every one of us wants to see Fiji succeed in the world stage and the only way we can do it is if we all think in the same way how we can improve and develop football, then only we can succeed.

“You all districts play an important part, the youths and coaches play an important part, and that is where it starts.”

Rewa Football Association president Nazeel Buksh, who was also present, said this was indeed a very good way to move forward.

“A very positive sign for this was that we had 100 per cent attendance from all the districts with Fiji football officials and moderators.

“We had a very good brainstorming done to basically move football forward in the country.

“People have different thoughts, different ideas, districts have own ways of doing things and Fiji FA has their own way, so it was a very good moment for all to sit together and share their views on way forward for football,” Buksh said.

Tony Kabakoro, Savusavu Football president, also echoed similar sentiments.

He said these motions would be a benefiting factor for them should it be put into place.

“As president of Savusavu, I think it will benefit us and one reason for that is we develop a lot of youth players and we get nothing in return because players react quickly where money is involved.

“Every district is trying to survive.”

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