Fiji FA presents reguregu to Dau’s family

IT would take some time for Fiji to have another sportsman of the late Pita Dau’s calibre to represent the nation in soccer and rugby.

Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) technical director Ravinesh Kumar made the comment as the organisation presented its respects to Dau’s family on April 15.

Kumar said he had not seen a midfielder of Dau’s calibre in a national team.

“Playing dual international is something, but it is extraordinary for a person to play both rugby and football, which are totally different sports.

“He (Dau) was such an intelligent person that he managed both the sports. I think it will take time for us to find a person like him who can represent our country in both sports.”

Kumar and Fiji FA Ba Academy fitness specialist Mikia Roko Drakia led the delegation to the Dau family on behalf of the football fraternity.

Reminiscing Dau’s achievements in football, Kumar said the country lost a legend in soccer, someone who was a household name because of his achievements.

“When I was a kid aged nine to ten back in 1984, I used to hear from father and forefathers about this great guy.

“That there is a player who is a great midfielder and plays dual international, and I was eager to see him. I came to see one of the tournaments in Lautoka and I saw this great guy Pita Dau.

“He himself was one of the pillars in the Lautoka squad,” Kumar said.

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