Fiji FA in desperate need to get team into camp

Fiji FA President Rajesh Patel. Picture: ANISH CHAND/FILE

The Fiji Football Association is in desperate need to get members of the national team into camp for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

In a press conference yesterday, Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel said they were awaiting the green light from Government to allow fully vaccinated players to march into camp.

“There is also a desperate need to get national team members in camp because of the qualifying games for the World Cup which we will be discussing with Oceania Football this coming Tuesday how we are going to do it,” he said.

“It might be in Qatar.

“So the team has to be assembled and all of the countries might have to travel to Qatar to have the qualification games there.

“So it’s a very short time frame for us in planning to get the national team players but we are expecting to get the national team players to march into camp either on September 15 or September 20,” Patel said.

National head coach Flemming Serritslev said having at least 14 players in camp would be enough to begin preparing for the global tournament.

“We have players who are fully vaccinated,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter if we don’t have all of the players.

“If we can have at least 14 players and then the rest come in step by step it should be OK,” Serritslev said.

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