Fiji FA boss calls for discipline

FIJI Football Association president Rajesh Patel has called on members of the Vodafone national football side to be disciplined when they take on Philippines in their international friendly match in Manila on Thursday.

During his motivational speech during the team naming last Saturday, Patel said it was always the discipline factor that cost most of the Fijian teams at the end.

“A lot of things have been said about Fijian players, we’re all Fijians and one thing that always stands out among any sport in this country is discipline.

“This is the biggest problem,” he said.

Patel questioned why discipline cannot be overcome.

He said players needed to control emotions regardless of the scenario and situation they were in.

“We can overcome it, we are human beings. We ourselves make the discipline right or wrong.

“Emotions are something that you can and you should control. If you do not control your emotions, that is when discipline problems happen.

“In life, this is something that needs to be controlled whether it is on the field or off the field.

“As I have said that we do not leave any stone unturned, we have brought in the psychiatric coach Vijay Kumar to prepare you mentally.

“If you stay true to your promise, have discipline and follow the rules of the coaches, you can get the work done.”

With a tough challenge for the Bula Boys against the Philippines, Patel left with a message for team.

“When a journey begins on the sea, it’s not always smooth sailing.”

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