Fiji can’t be complacent, says Konrote

FIJI cannot afford to be complacent despite the fact the economy is projected to record 10 consecutive years of strong growth by the end of 2018.

This was the message from President Jioji Konrote at the 2017 Fiji Business Excellence Awards held at the Sheraton Fiji Resort, Nadi, on Saturday.

“The 2017-2018 National Budget builds upon this tremendous progress the Fijian economy has achieved, despite the massive material damage and economic loss caused by Cyclone Winston, as we endeavour to create and sustain employment opportunities for the Fijian people,” he said.

“Now while we celebrate in our success, I hope that we are not blinded by it.

“In a world filled with uncertainty, you cannot afford to be complacent and idle.

“You must be focused, committed and flexible.

“Staying afloat in the midst of economic turbulence has become a pressing topic for both the private and public sectors and even the non-profit organisations.”

At the 19th awards, 11 entities received Commitment in Business Excellence, five companies and organisations received awards under the Achievement in Business Excellence and eight entities received awards under the Fiji Business Excellence Prize.

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