Fiji Bati Shop

THE Fiji National Rugby League opened its retail outlet at their head office, Richards Rd last Thursday night, July 27, and the chief guest at the event was Sakeasi Waikere, deputy secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Merchandise currently on sale are :

Fiji Bati Vests: $60-00

Fiji Bati Polo Shirts: $75-00

Fiji Bati Tees: $65-00

Fiji Bati Jerseys: $175-00

Kids Jerseys: $90-00

The initiative to open an FNRL retail outlet also has the purpose whereby proceedings from this same would be directed at Rugby League Development at all levels, as this is a crucial element in ensuring maximum delivery of knowledge to players.

FNRL applauds the presence of invited guests at the event, and hopes that general interest from the public and stakeholders continue to grow as we move forward together in the hope of creating an excellent sporting atmosphere.

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