Fiji Bati residents introduced to yoga for post-game recovery

Fiji Bati residents participate in a yoga session at Sabeto in Nadi. Picture: SUPPLIED

FIJI Bati residents have taken a different step into injury prevention and recovery post-games by yoga sessions conducted by Nadi-based Ashtanga Yoga

Team manager Chris Tomlinson said yoga was a popular recovery method for rugby.

“Yoga is increasing in popularity with all the rugby codes and it is something I was keen to introduce during this camp,” Tomlinson said.

“We have a fairly intense itinerary with several games in a short space of time so we are interested in all methods that we can adopt that will help us with recovery and injury prevention.”

The Fiji Bati residents will have their final test of the tri-series with a game against the British Amateur Rugby League this Friday (November 23, 2018)  at 5.30pm at Prince Charles Park in Nadi.

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