Fiji-based UN Resident Coordinator Lubrani farewelled

United Nations Resident Coordinator and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative Osnat Lubrani. Picture: SUPPLIED

IN a ceremony attended by Government representatives, the diplomatic corps, civil society organisations and development partners, the United Nations Resident Coordinator and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative, Osnat Lubrani, was officially farewelled having served almost five years at the helm of the Fiji Multi-Country Office covering 10 Pacific island countries.

Reflecting on her tenure as United Nations Resident Coordinator based in Fiji, Ms Lubrani recounted the strides that had been taken in Fiji over the past years and the country’s progress during this period of transition.

The Resident Coordinator noted the new five-year UN Pacific Strategy 2018-2022 with 26 UN signatory agencies supporting 14 Pacific island countries and territories in their quest to reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the universal Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

“Suva remains an important regional hub for United Nations support, and I hope it can grow even more through the UN Secretary-General’s current reform efforts to make the UN work even more for the people,” Ms Lubrani said.

The United Nations has over 840 staff in the Pacific, of which more than 400 work in Fiji with over 270 national staff.

“As you can imagine from these numbers, I might be none the wiser, but I’ve had a fantastic five years in this country and this region.

“I have met many incredible, amazing people and I have gained a real appreciation of the Pacific, the Blue AND the Green; with all its ups and downs; its challenges and opportunities; its vastness and its smallness; and its unbelievable beauty.

“A special place is held in my heart, of course, for Fiji. Fiji has been my home and place of retreat, especially when coming home from my many work-related travels, near and far.”

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