COVID-19: ‘Fiji at war with virus’

WITH the confirmation of Fiji’s fifth COVID-19 case yesterday, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says Fiji was now at war with COVID-19.

Mr Bainimarama said Fijians must now act as if the enemy was in our midst at all times. “I’m going to keep saying this until everyone gets it: Fiji is at war with the coronavirus,” he said.

“We cannot see our enemy. “You can join the fight by washing your hands with soap and water, practising physical distancing –– remember, two metres distance is safest –– and following any and every
directive given to you by authorities.

“And if you’re told to quarantine, do it. Do it, or we’ll make you do it.” He said it was also crucial at this time that Fijians told the truth to health officials.

“If you lie, you could cost people their very lives. “Be honest with our doctors, nurses, police officers, and medical teams about where you’ve been, who you have seen and, if you’re unwell, tell them exactly when you started feeling sick.

“Help them help you, and help Fiji beat this virus. “By being dishonest, you aren’t protecting your loved ones from isolation; you are putting their lives in danger, and you risk infecting many more.

“Ask yourself: Would you rather them be in isolation for a couple of weeks, or lose them forever,” Mr Bainimarama said. Fiji has five confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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