Fiji and Japan sign solid waste management agreement

The Ministry of Local Government says in promoting solid waste management and the 3R program, it will launch the distribution of recycling bins in selected primary and secondary schools around the country. Picture: FILIPE NAIGULEVU

THE Fijian and Japanese governments have signed an agreement that will form a project focussed on solid waste management.

Signed in conjunction with the National Environment Day celebrations this month, the agreement is part of the solid waste management programs undertaken by the Ministry of Local Government through the Department of Environment.

The solid waste management project is also known as the ‘Japanese Technical Cooperation Project for the Promotion of Regional Initiative on Solid Management in the Pacific Island Countries or JPRISM II’.

These programs, such as the JPRISM II project, will help to address all improper solid waste management issues such as those specifically caused by the use of non-degradable plastics.

“This program basically promotes 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities, including Home Composting Subsidy Program and Clean Schools program in the country, aimed to create awareness on recycling plastic materials,” Environment Minister Parveen Kumar said.

“Secondly, my ministry in promoting solid waste management and 3R program will officially launch the distribution of recycling bins in selected schools (primary and secondary) around the country.”

The event also marked a new national commitment to addressing plastic bag pollution, a pledge campaign on ‘No Straw’, which was also launched by Mr Kumar.

“This could be done by ensuring that whenever we are ordering drinks from restaurants and retail outlets, we could politely request for a “no straw” serve,” he said.

“Encourage your friends and families to take the pledge too.”

The project agreement was signed by Mr Kumar and a representative from the Japan Technical Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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