Fiji 2nd on diabetes global list

FIJI has the second highest number of deaths related to diabetes in the world.

President Jioji Konrote revealed this at the national launch of the Diabetes Month at Sukuna Park in Suva on Friday.

Mr Konrote said people in Fiji were neglecting the fact that diabetes, such as any other non-communicable diseases (NCDs), was controllable.

“It is within our ability to choose a healthy lifestyle. To eat fresh and healthy foods instead of processed foods. To stop smoking, reduce our consumption of alcohol and yaqona and exercise daily,” Mr Konrote said.

“The focus this year is on promoting three key messages which were that all women with diabetes require affordable and equitable access to care and education to better manage their diabetes and improve their health outcomes.

“Screening for type two diabetes is important to modify its course and reduce the risk of complications and screening for diabetes complications is an essential part of managing type one and type two diabetes.”

He applauded Government’s efforts to develop strategies that would help eliminate diabetes and NCDs in the country.

“Included in these is the decision to increase the taxation of sugar sweetened beverages, alcohol and tobacco,” he sa­id. “Government is also reducing taxation on gluc­ose testing machines and has started a free medicine scheme and extended the opening hours of government pharmacies.

“The latter are more towards the treatment of diabetes and NCDs.”

This year’s theme is “Women and Diabetes — Our Right to a Healthy Future”.

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