Fight to the last bowl

BOWLERS Doreen O’Connor and Sheral Mar fought until the last end against world champions Jo Edwards and Val Smith of New Zealand in the women’s pairs at the 2018 Commonwealth Games yesterday.

The side lost 16-17 at the Broadbeach Bowling Club yesterday.

After the match O’Connor, who was the lead and Mar as the skipper, said they enjoyed playing the bowls against their kiwi opponents.

“We came with high hopes though Jo won a gold medal last night (Sunday) and we were bit wary about that, but we gave our best though the result were not in our favour,” Mar said.

“We lost 16-17 in a close match. It was a really good game.”

Mar said it was a good experience.

“We are adjusting to the greens and it is not fast as we thought it might be and it is almost the same back at home,” she said.

“Our green got road humps which were the difference.”

O’Connor said they did well despite the humid condition at the club.

“We are taking one game at a time and we would be happy if we could win a medal in the competition. We are playing second discipline as we have played fours and singles.

“We are now playing pairs and triples so hopefully we will achieve something” O’Connor said.

The duo play Tonga at 11am today.

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