Fight against meth

A bag containing the hard drug Methamphetamine. Picture: VICE

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu is calling on members of the public to help the Fiji Police Force by reporting cases involving the use of methamphetamine in the country.

ACP Tudravu said if members of the public hid information, it would hinder their operations in trying to eradicate the highly addictive drug.

“It will depend on the support of the community at large because we can be doing that from our side, however, if people are hiding information and are not co-operating enough in our fight against drugs, than these people will continue doing this.”

He said the ultimate goal was to eradicate the use of these drugs in the country. “That’s our ultimate goal, to eradicate the drug.”

ACP Tudravu reiterated that the fight against drugs in Fiji was high, but police were focused on ensuring safety and security for our younger generation.

“The cost is not an issue here, it is the safety and security of members of the public that we are after and the younger generation’s access to these drugs that is more important than the cost of the operations.

“In all operations, we have a cost that is something we have to bear, because in fighting crimes you need to spend money in order to deploy resources, so the cost associated with operations is also high,” he added.

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