FIDE invites Fiji

FIJI Chess Federation (FCF) has confirmed its participation in the 43rd Chess Olympiad in Georgia from September 23 to October 7.

The federation calls for interested players to apply for a berth in the team to the tournament.

The federation said Fiji would be participating in the open and women’s divisions with each team consisting of a captain and five players.

The objective is to see the Olympiad improve Fiji’s ranking and results from past Olympiads.

Players need to meet the selection which is to be registered under Fiji in the Fide (The Fédération Internationale des Échecs ) rating system, travel with a guardian if under 16 years, be able to contribute $2000 for travel costs, have a computer and reliable internet access, and to be able to attend online training sessions for 1.5 hours.

Applications close on January 31.

The training sessions were scheduled from February to July which would be conducted online by FIDE senior trainers.

Fiji is the only Oceania country among 10 Asian federations chosen for the inaugural program.

FCF said the selection of players would be decided by an independent panel.

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