FICAC highlights overlapping role

THE Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption (FICAC) has admitted that there could be an overlap in their work and the work of police.

FICAC’s manager legal, Rashmi Aslam, revealed this during a presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting on Economic Affairs yesterday.

Mr Aslam said while FICAC was an expert organisation, police could conduct the same investigation as they did.

“In terms of law there could be overlapping, but so far there has not been any confrontation or inconsistency. We have sorted out this matter mutually,” Mr Aslam said.

“Apart from that the general crimes or any offence under the Crimes Decree, police can investigate and FICAC can investigate.

“We have a way of double checking with police whether they have done the same investigations or they have taken over. If they are doing the investigations, up to what level have they gone. And if they have completed a substantial amount of investigation, we will not interfere.”

Under the 2013 Constitution, he said, FICAC could take over any investigation pertaining to corruption-related matters conducted by any other institution such as police, DPP and any other law enforcement agencies.

“We have not taken over any investigations, we would like to co-operate and have better understanding with them,” Mr Aslam said. “Overlapping could be there but we are careful not to mix up our work with each other.”

Mr Aslam said FICAC had achieved 100 per cent success in prosecution of cases it handled between 2014 and 2015.

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