FHRI: Increase in NCDs at workplace

Motibhai Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kirit Patel speaking at the Fiji Human Resources Institute organized CEO’s Breakfast in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

THE non-communicable disease crisis in the country is not only a health issue, it is also affecting businesses and productivity in the country.

This was the view shared by senior business executives and leaders of organisations at the Fiji Human Resources Institute (FHRI) organised CEOs breakfast at The Fiji Orchid hotel in Saweni, Lautoka yesterday.

“The problem we now see as employers is the significant increase in the number of NCD cases in the workplace,” said FHRI president Kameli Batiweti.

“And sometimes, some employers take it upon themselves as a corporate social responsibility thing, even though it’s not a CSR thing, because employees’ lifestyle has gotten them into trouble. We have employees now who are dying at 28 or 43 ; still in their prime and they are dying very early because of NCDs, ” Mr Batiweti added.

Mr Batiweti urged business leaders to consider taking up an insurance scheme for their employees to provide peace of mind to them and their families.

“Most are doing medical insurance and this is good because a lot of employees can’t afford to pay upfront for medical procedures, but thanks to insurance they have peace of mind.”

While addressing the forum, BSP Life’s head of sales Ratu Josaia Rayawa echoed the sentiments shared by Mr Batiweti.

“Early deaths and poor retirement plans have a direct implication on people’s productivity in the work environment,” he said.

About 30 CEOs and leaders of organisations attended the event which was sponsored by BSP Life.

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