FHH’s priority on work safety

FULTON Hogan Hiways (FHH) is committed to closely work with subcontractors to improve the safety of their operations and employees.

FHH is contracted by the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) to implement its programs in improving road access across the Central, Northern and Eastern divisions.

While speaking at a forum on the safety measures that should be undertaken by subcontractors, FHH health and safety training manager John Tinsley highlighted the recent increases in subcontractor incidents involving unsafe acts, injury and damage.

“There have been noted improvements in subcontractor safety standards, however, recent incidents have necessitated the tightening of controls on how the operations are being managed,” he said.

Mr Tinsley said some of the key areas that some of these companies needed improvement on includeed personal protective equipment (PPE), safe operation of plants and their serviceability, and keeping vehicle loads within legal limits.

He reiterated that companies contracted by FHH have a legal responsibility to ensure their staff members work safely.

Also, he said, to bolster safety practices across subcontractor operations, it was essential that subcontractor managers demonstrated strict adherence to the safety standards and practices required by FHH.

FHH has engaged the services of about 55 different companies in the Central Division and about eight in the Northern Division.

About 1700 employees of these companies are involved in the work FHH requires.

FHH offers a mandatory general induction program for all employees and subcontractors who intend to work for Fulton Hogan Hiways. During the induction it provides safety, health and environment information.

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