FFA aims to revive futsal competitions

Southern futsal coaches at the two-day workshop. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji Football Association is looking to revive futsal competitions in Fiji, something which had died out over the past years.

In doing this, 15 Southern futsal coaches recently attended a two-day workshop aimed at developing the sport and mapping its way forward.

The workshop was held at the Fiji Football Association headquarters in Vatuwaqa last weekend.

Fiji FA vice president and futsal chairman Jitendra Reddy said they had decided to hold futsal competitions in district basis, where each district will run their own futsal local league competition.

This, Reddy said, would be similar to the National League where players play for clubs in the local league competition.

“Previously we had futsal competition but unfortunately it died out, it just died a natural death because there was no overlap of eleven-a-side players to play futsal and most of the players opted to play eleven-a side and that was why it died.”

Reddy said after his appointment as vice president of Fiji FA last year, he had emphasised on the futsal competition proper.

“And today(last Saturday) is the day as we start the first ever southern futsal coaches workshop which is the way forward for the game,” Reddy said.

He told participants that the workshop was where they could develop their skills in selecting the players for their district futsal team.

“This is why we have gathered you all so that you could learn the basics and art of futsal, “Reddy said.

“Whatever you all learn from here, take it back to your districts and help develop futsal.

“It doesn’t mean that your futsal players can’t participate in the eleven- a- side competition, no it is vice versa.”

Reddy said any player could be registered for any district in futsal.

“Just an example if a player plays for Suva district in an eleven a-sside local league or district team he can join Rewa or any other team in the futsal competition if he joins the districts local futsal league,” Reddy said.

“We want to grow this sport and unless we give leeway’s we can’t develop futsal.”

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