Festive diet

DIWALI is just around the corner with Christmas and New Year a few months away. It is obvious that apart from our normal spiritual obligations, we are going to indulge in an eating spree.

Be careful of what we take in our mouth to avoid health risk factors in future.

Hypokinetic diseases like high blood pressure; cardiac arrests; diabetes to name a few, are common causes that shortens our beautiful lives in this universe.

So let us join hands in combating the health risk factors that impact our living by eating a lot of available fresh tropical fruits and vegetables; water to hydrate the kidney to avoid common migraine and headaches.

Eat cherries as they are scientifically proven to avoid muscular and joint pains and other healthy fruits which have health benefits.

And finally, be involved in physical activity that suits your body type and enjoy the most, releasing what you have eaten as a form of energy.

Make wise decisions this upcoming festive season on what to eat and what not to eat.

A very happy Diwali.

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