Festival of praise hailed a success

The Moraia Methodist Church Choir during the Praise and Worship at Furnival park in Toorak yesterday.Picture ATU RASEA

THE 2018 Festival of Praise for the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma has been hailed as a successful one.

In an interview yesterday, church secretary for communication and overseas mission the Rev Wilfred Regunamada said the Methodist brass band performed for the elders and the congregation.

“We have a Methodist Church Brass Band to showcase and we did that today (yesterday).

“They performed here at the ground, it was really great,” Mr Regunamada said.

He said today the class one category church choirs would take the stage and this would also mark the end of the week-long festival.

“Today we will have the class one grading where choirs with more than 200-300 members will be singing. Choirs like the Centenary Church and the Namaka Church, these are the choirs that always turn up in numbers to sing every year,” he said.

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