FEO urges dialogue

THE Fijian Elections Office has an open-door policy for political parties to raise their concerns regarding the electoral process, says Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem.

Mr Saneem said despite repeating this message, parties tended to seek media attention or resort to social websites to vent their frustration. He said most of them were matters which could be solved by talking.

The Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) had said it was gravely concerned with the running and administration of pre-polling.

“All the problems experienced in many of the pre-polling venues, we believe, can be directly attributed to poor organisation and inefficient management of the office of the Supervisor of Elections,” said a SODELPA statement.

“Despite various criticisms by political parties and NGOs on the hardship that was envisioned, the regime with all its justifications and self-righteousness went ahead with this one-day concept of elections.

“The credibility of the one-day election must now be severely examined and questioned together with the assertion of a free and fair election.”

Mr Saneem admitted that on the first and second days there were a few hiccups such as shortage of ballot papers but said that since then, all those had been remedied and the FEO had enjoyed a smooth run so far.

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