FEO to update app

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem speaks to the media during a press conference at the Fijian Elections Office in Suva on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

THE Fijian Elections Office (FEO) will now work on updating its app and soon list the data based on the government distribution boundaries.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said the FEO app currently gave people the breakdown of statistics based on the FEO administrative areas.

“That is why you will see the Eastern Division has around 106 plus voters et cetera and this is because the data that we gathered was based on our own administrative boundaries for operational needs,” Mr Saneem said during a press brief yesterday.

“We will be updating the FEO app with another tab that will be listing the data based on government distribution boundaries — the Eastern, Central, Western divisions based on the government boundaries.”

Mr Saneem said the FEO app would soon avail the distribution of the data to members of the public based on the government’s distributional boundaries in terms of Eastern, Western, Northern and this would allow them to use the platform to compare the votes from 2014 and 2018.

“We will keep both on the apps because right now there is quick reaction to these things and we would like to ensure that both are there so that people do not jump the gun and say something is changed.

“We will keep them for a while and probably later on we will take down the FEO administrative boundaries and keep it to the government boundaries.”

He also gave his reason FEO chose to use its own administrative boundaries.

“The reason why we initially started with the FEO administrative boundaries was because our teams in the divisions were also checking the results on the app — based on the results they had located from the field, and this meant that it would be easier for them to see the totals for their areas and verify it for us.

“That is the reason why we had it but the election is over, we will give the option for the government boundaries for people to compare based on the 2014 election to now,” he added.

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