FEO holds national survey

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem (left) explains the new voter survey app during a media conference yesterday. Picture: RAMA

A nationwide voter survey will begin today (September 16) in the Central Division and the Fijian Elections Office Supervisor, Mohammed Saneem, is hoping they would get around 300,000 voters to participate in this exercise that will end in October.

“I am urging members of the public to please take your Voter ID with you and to take part in this survey.

“It’s not compulsory and I am hoping to get around 300,000 voters, that will be great,” Mr Saneem added.

Meanwhile, the Elections Office will also have a two-day voter festival in Suva from September 17.

“We will be holding a two-day voter festival, starting in Suva.

“We will be marking the 2014 general elections held on September 17 by holding a two-day voter festival in the spirit of International Day of Democracy.

“And to commemorate both the events, the festival will be held at the Voter Services Centre in Suva this year,” he said.

Members of the public who may be coming to Suva are encouraged to make use of this opportunity to upgrade their Voter ID cards or simply verify your details on the Voter Register, Mr Saneem said.

“At the festival, we will launch the nationwide voter survey this September.

“The survey will be the first time by any election management body to reach out to its stakeholders — the voters.

“We will be finding out their views and expectations when it comes to elections,” he said.

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