FEO: Election officials urged to submit correct bank details

Fijian Elections Office acting director for Strategic Development and Communications Edwin Nand speaks to members of the media during an interview at the Fijian Elections Office in Suva on Friday, November 23, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

ELECTIONS officials who have amended their bank details from their initial bank details submitted to the Fijian Elections Office have been urged to contact FEO contact persons in their division immediately.

FEO acting director for Strategic Development and Communications Edwin Nand said there were more than 100 bank accounts of polling officials with the FEO that were either closed or incorrect.

“While we have completed the payment process, the FEO is mindful that there are some election officials who have changed their bank details,” Mr Nand said.

“This means that we cannot execute the payment until these staff provide us with their updated bank account details.”

Those with amended bank details have been urged to contact the following people immediately.

Central Division:

1. Alisi (RO) – 9984029

2. Sagar (AA) – 8913867

3. Vitinia (AA-reception) – 8917768

4. Emele (AA-reception) – 8493451

Western Division:

1. Benito (RO) – 8913868

2. Shalvin (AA)  – 8917339

Eastern Division:

1. Nicollette (RO) – 8910856

2. Akesa (AA) – 8917758

Northern Division:

1. Tara (RO) – 8910857

2. Nikola (AA) – 2203911


1. Kavita (R&S coordinator) – 8910185

2. Rashneel (HR officer) – 8913769

3. Epeli (HR officer) – 8913768

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