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The number of non-communicable diseases (NCD) risk factors keeps increasing and Kunjal Nair’s Weight Management Clinic is taking a step out of the screening phase and actually taking things in hand to practically resolve the NCD problem one step at a time.

The Weight Management Clinic is open to participants whose health is significantly impacted by their weight, either it being for weight loss, weight gain or maintenance of their weight.

The clinic is also supported by the Ministry of Health with constant help from ministry staff members to carry out screening and counselling sessions through the help of their dieticians, physiotherapists and other medical staff.

“Our goal is to promote healthy living and the weight loss program is a way to attract them (clients) to a healthier lifestyle and when we say weight loss we mean fat loss. However, our focus is more on the size and shape rather than actual body weight,” said Kunjal, the program’s team leader.

The clinic has been running weight loss and wellness programs since 2013 in Nadi and Suva, the team has altogether done nine programs and is planning on organising the 10th weight loss program in Suva come July 31. In September, the clinic will be in Ba for the first time.

The program is for 12 weeks and participants will do intense training during those 12 weeks every day to lose as much weight as possible which will at the same time tone and sculpt their bodies.

“The participants will follow the program set up by us which will be taken by the wellness coach. We start at a very basic level and build up on the intensity each week,” Kunjal said

“We also set a diet monitoring program where we will guide the participants with a diet plan and monitor their diet. During training, we include a mixture of cardio and strength training activities,” Kunjal said

The program design is all about promoting healthy living and showing people how it is possible to actually have a healthy lifestyle and that it is actually possible to lose fat/weight.

“Most people end up starving themselves, do not eat the right food, improper training program, no structured workout plan, and a lot of people are not aware from where to start with regards to healthy living,” Kunjal said

The clinic is also looking at having kids wellness programs and is working on taking the programs to the rest of the towns in Fiji.

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