Federation expects businesses to pick up

THE Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation expects to see positive trends from businesses following the election.

FCEF chief executive Nesbitt Hazelman says positive trends from the past two to three years should continue.

“We have seen positive trends over the last few years with the growth of the economy. It’s up to about 3.6 per cent so basically for us, this should kick-start the economy further,” Mr Hazelman said.

“We should see marked increase in major projects, projects that have been on hold, people waiting for the political situation to calm down and now that has taken place, I expect businesses to pick up.”

Mr Hazelman said the federation was happy that democratic processes have taken place.

“I think what we are happy with also is that now we have a fairly credible opposition and that should augur well for business.”

Mr Hazelman also congratulated FijiFirst for their win, saying consultation was needed to ensure policies were maintained.

“The federation, being the major employer body in this country, would like to assure or seek in-depth consultation with the government of the day on issues to do with business on the ground.

“We know what is happening on the ground.

“So it’s important that these consultations take place and there are no major changes to current policy. It’s important that we run with current policies to allow us to settle down and run our businesses.”

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