FEA to absorb costs

THE Fiji Electricity Authority will not pass any cost to its customers despite the huge bills it is incurring in supplying power nationwide.

“FEA will absorb these expenditures and we do not intend to pass on any high expenditure but what we expect from our customers is that they will use electricity wisely, reduce electricity consumption so we can reduce our fuel bill,” Mr Hasmukh Patel said, citing the prolonged dry season the country is facing.

“The percentage of fuel used for power generation is much higher.

“We are hopeful that within the next month or two, we will start to receive rain and the situation will improve.”

The regulated residential tariff set by the Commerce Commission is 33.10 cents/unit.

Customers whose monthly usage is less than or equal to 75kWh will qualify for a government subsidy of 15.90 cents, which means they effectively pay only 17.20 cents/unit.

And for those customers who use more than 75kWh will not qualify for the subsidy and will therefore pay the full amount of 33.10 cents/unit.

Meanwhile, FEA has reiterated its call for assistance from their customers who live along sugarcane belt areas to take precautionary measures when lighting fires.

He said uncontrolled cane fires were the prime causes of damage to their wooden power poles.

Apart from this dangerous practice, such fires cause unwanted power outages.

“Customers are kindly requested not to burn cane or rubbish near the FEA power poles. Customers are reminded to please call 132333 or 913 to report a fire near or on FEA poles.”