FEA calls for assistance to clear road

Update: 3:31PM THE Fiji Electricity Authority this morning made a desperate plea for assistance in clearing a road that leads to the Lololo Power Station in Drasa, Lautoka.

In a briefing of Government officials, FEA divisional head Jale Lenoa said about three kilometres was blocked by fallen trees.

“If the link collapses, then we won’t be able to get in touch with our main stations in Wailoa, Monasavu, the Central region and the Northern Division,” he said.

“That’s where all communications goes through from our national control centre.

“Lololo is at the moment being powered by battery and the battery will last for about three to five days.

“We have a generator on standby. We just need to have that access to the Lololo Power Station to power up the generator.”

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