FCS officers graduate

FCS Personnel who were promoted (l-r) COA Savenaca Naroba, COB Keni Naisevu, TPCO Samuela Tavite, TPCO Prabashni Ram, and COA Iliesa Salusalu. Picture: SUPPLIED.

Sixteen Fiji Corrections Service (FCS) personnel graduated over the weekend after a six- week intensive training course at the FCS Training Academy in Naboro.

According to a press statement by FCS, the Corrections Officer Class A (COA)-Corrections Officer Class B (COB) Promotional course took the men and women through training in Leadership, Legislation, International Obligations under the Mandela, Tokyo and Bangkok Rules, Logistics and Procurement Regulations, Administrative Policies, Rehabilitation Counselling Techniques which also included parade training, physical training, tracking and survival exercises.

Commissioner Commander Francis Kean congratulated the men and women for coming through a challenging leadership course.

“I know the course was very challenging and demanding mentally however the real challenge will begin when you return to your institutions where you are expected to become agents for change in implementing what you have learnt, here at the Academy’’ Commander Kean said.

“I congratulate you for your achievements today.”

Commander Kean reminded them that as a link to their subordinates and Officers they needed to be grounded in knowledge to maintain standards within their respective correction centres and units.

Five of the graduates received a pleasant surprise after they were promoted.

Amongst them was 35- year old Prabashni Ram who was promoted from the rank of COA to Temporary Principal Corrections Officer.

“This special achievement I owe to my family at home, as a woman I found this course very challenging. But I am happy it has helped me discover my own strengths and weaknesses.

TPCO Ram encouraged young women who wanted to join any disciplined force saying it’s all about attitude.

“This is my seventh year in Corrections and I have never regretted my decision to sign up.”

Also promoted were Savenaca Naroba from COB to COA, Samuela Tavite from COA to PCO Keni Naisevu from COC to COB and Iliesa Salusalu from COB to COA.



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