FCS focus on facility design

THE Fiji Corrections Service is hoping to use technology to make corrections facilities safer.

But to do this, the design of corrections facilities has to change, says Commissioner of Fiji Corrections Service Francis Kean.

Outsiders have been hurling contrabands over correction facility walls and this went undetected for many years.

“For me, one major concern is the design of our prisons,” he said.

“The million dollar question I always ask is whether there was some security analysis done before these prisons were constructed.

“If you drive past Natabua now you will see what we are doing. The change will accommodate this new technology to reduce the security risks. Technology can only help us to some extent, it’s an aid to the security work we undertake and that’s always a continuous threat to FCS.

“One of the new initiatives we have undertaken is the conceptual design of some of our prisons.

“We are trying to put in an inner and outer perimeter to ensure our prison is secured because people have been throwing contraband over the walls.”

“The prisons were built at a time when not much people were around and the area was isolated.”

This has all changed with industrialisation, so there are more people within the vicinity of these prisons.”

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