FCS aims to increase early cancer detection

Fiji Cancer Society CEO Belinda Chan. Picture: FT FILE

OVER the past four years, cancer awareness campaigns by the Fiji Cancer Society (FCS) have become more effective.

This was relayed by FCS chief executive officer Belinda Chan, who said there were still a large number of people who presented themselves late.

“We would like to change that. The FCS would like to see more people coming forward at an earlier stage, seeking our advice and to know that we are here because of them and for them,” Ms Chan said.

“We would like the general public to know what our services are for the people and to utilise these services that are available free of charge.

“People are finding the courage to call us or even approach us. Maybe because they now know that there is such a thing as the FCS. Our slogan says it all ‘No one fights alone’ and people are slowly realising that.”

She said it took a whole lot more courage and strength to even speak out about cancer.

“We have come across patients who can’t even speak about it to their closest or immediate family members and loved ones,” she said.

“Sometimes, it is a huge step to even talk about it. We also have people who are in denial. Yes, so for whatever the reason, there are people who don’t come out.

“We need to change our mind-sets if we want to rid our society of this plague once and for all.”

She said people must also remember that cancer did not only affect the patient, but the entire family as well.

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