FCCC reviews cable landing station charges in Fiji

Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission CEO Joel Abraham. Picture: FT FILE

THE Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) is reviewing the current cable landing station charges in Fiji to maintain competitive prices of internet services in the country.

FCCC chief executive officer Joel Abraham said the review was aimed at helping improve internet services and maintaining competitive rates.

“The review by FCCC is being done as part of its regulatory oversight into the telecommunications industry,” Mr Abraham said in a statement.

“Access to submarine cable landing stations is an essential input for telecommunication services, which ultimately determines the retail internet and voice prices paid by consumers.

“This includes broadband which requires international connectivity.”

A cable landing station is the point at which the submarine cable connects into the land-based infrastructure or network. This is a crucial link connecting Fiji to the world via internet broadband services.

According to Mr Abraham, the review will mostly focus on the access to the international submarine landing station charges, changes in the local market structure and international pricing.

It is aimed at ensuring that international bandwidth is available at competitive prices and where costs are reduced at wholesale-end and such reduction (if any) are passed on to consumers.

The intention is to promote growth of broadband services in Fiji.

“The initiative is aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP), supporting the Fijian Government’s efforts to improve the ICT sector in Fiji, encompassing a liberalised telecommunications/ICT services market, enhanced connectivity, expanding rural outreach and service delivery,” Mr Abraham said.

“The FCCC recognises that the rapidly growing demand for external bandwidth will translate into increased demand and growth in submarine cables, increasing capacity utilisation at the cable landing stations.

“Hence, there is a need to ensure that telecommunication services are delivered on a secured platform on equal and open access and that these are reflective of efficient prices.”

Fijians who wish to make submissions are encouraged to do so by contacting us and registering via submissions@fccc.gov.fj.

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