Fast bike

HIS love for motorbike began at a young age. Growing up Imran Khan always wanted a bike. Unfortunately this was not the case because his parents would never let him own one until he was old enough to buy his own.

The 32-year-old is the director of Reliable Computers and Security System and 786 Dominion Rentals and lives in Suva.

Mr Khan owns a Suzuki Hayabusa, 2012 model known as the fastest and most powerful production sports bike.

The motorbike has 1340cc four-stroke liquid-cooled four-cylinder DOHC engine with six speed transmission.

He said the Suzuki Hayabusa was a dream bike because of its beauty and the speed it had.

Imran Khan said his eldest brother Dilshad Ali was a professional biker and this was how the decision to follow his brother’s footstep emerged.

Dilshad holds a record for fastest bike rider which always inspired me to become like him,” he said.

The interest in motor bike riding started from Imran’s big brother as he had different kinds of bikes.

So that was how Imran developed an interest in riding bikes and he said since childhood he always watched movies of bikies and the way they rode fascinated him.

Mr Khan says his bike is the latest addition of the Suzuki Hayabusa worth more than $28,000 and it took almost two months to import the bike parts before he assembled it.

“My brother imported the bike from New Zealand which I later bought from him.

He said he had to do a few more upgrades on the bike where he had to install aftermarket NGK iridium plugs, BMC racing sport air filters, brembo brakes system and few more accessories.

Like any other skilled and experienced biker he said the max speed he had driven the bike was between 270 to 275k.

“I had to take the bike to Labasa to get the max speed so I drove in between Nabouwalu to Labasa.

The speed is 280k but this bike can go more.

“My advice to my friends is if you love bikes and you want to ride or learn how to ride it, go for it, don’t be scared to learn or else you will never be able to and you will never experience the enjoyment and thrill that comes with riding a bike.”

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