‘Fast’ advisory

AN advisory from the Fijian Government Facebook page informed us that “schools in the Western Division from Rakiraki to Nadroga/Navosa will be closed for at least the next two days until further assessments and determination can be made on schools’ reopening.

“The Ministry of Education will provide regular updates on school status and reopening.”

It is dated April 2, that was very fast thinking by those in charge.

In the past during natural disasters, we would get messages very late and children would have already gone to school only to find the school closed.

And one thing that most parents didn’t like was for parents to make the decision whether to send their children to school or not.

Then half the class wouldn’t go to school and those that stayed home missed out or those who went to school didn’t do any serious schooling because the teacher decided that he or she could not teach only half the class.

I must say that it was bad decision making on the previous education management.

And may I ask are universities included in school closures or not.

We have two in the West and many people had asked me this.

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